It’s not just Self in Storage, We Care!

Let’s Give Something Back!

Good Mental health is something we strongly believe in, the recent events have made us all stop and think about what is important and that is our health and well being.  Mental Health can often be dismissed and put to the side, so we are shouting up to keep us all aware of it’s importance.

So, how do we shout up and help?   Well, Derbyshire Self Storage along with Heritage Wood are now proud to sponsor ‘Roy’s Therapy’.

Roy has worked with young people and families supporting good mental wellbeing for 25 years. With his years of experience he has put together serveral programs that can support good Mental Health and also Fitness and Nutrition.

We suggest that if you require and help and advice to drop over to Roy’s Website or FaceBook page to see how he can help you or someone you know.

A picture of Tim of Derbyshire self Storage and Heritage wood with Roy


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